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PUR LUV K9 Kabobs Triple Flavor & Sweet Potato Dog Chews, 12 ounces

  • High Quality: Pur Luv Triple Flavor Kabobs are made with delicious real chicken, chicken liver, and duck that dogs love wrapped around tasty beefhide skewers.
  • Real Sweet Potato: Pur Luv Kabobs are made with a sweet potato skewer for an easily digestible chew.
  • Limited Ingredients: Pur Luv treats feature limited ingredient decks so you know exactly what you’re feeding your dog.


Product Description

PUR LUV K9 Kabobs Triple Flavor & Sweet Potato Dog Chews satisfy your dog’s craving for real chicken, duck, and their natural desire to chew. The triple flavor dog treats are made with a limited ingredient deck to eliminate the confusion about what exactly is in your dog’s favorite treat. Pur Luv’s Triple Flavor Kabobs pack three delicious flavors in one with chicken, chicken liver, and duck wrapped around a tasty sweet potato skewer. Dogs love the delicious flavor that comes from the real chicken and duck that makes these Pur Luv treats so special.

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